Born with a unique ability to listen and understand the world around me, I have spent years following my intuition on how to best be of service to others in regards to healing. What began with physical healing as an Occupational Therapist quickly and naturally transformed into providing energy healing for my clients. I now help countless people as they navigate their way through feeling lost, unbalanced, and generally in need of getting “back to themselves.” Through careful guidance, I can help people get reintroduced to their true selves and find a way to live with more awareness and harmony.

My Work...

To be of service to as many people as possible through teaching of how to realize the opportunity of living an energetically aware life.

To ensure people come to know their own power of healing.

We are unique

Each of us has a unique signature that makes us our own person on our own path. Together, we will unfold what this means for you. During our sessions, I will listen to your story, and upon the deep well of knowledge I have accumulated over many decades, I will analyze the energy around and within you. I will then safely guide you through the process of creating the path forward in your own unique understanding, healing, and growth.