Thinking about how to get through the holidays? Dreading 2023?

Are you thinking about how you will get through the holidays? Are you dreading 2023?

Most of us get stressed out around this time of the year due to our many holiday season obligations and our interactions with so many people. Some of these people you find are fabulous, but others have an energy you experience as challenging. What makes these latter interactions challenging are the many memories associated with these people and the energy attached to these memories. Sadness, anxiety, and resentments may all get activated.

In one study, people were asked to think about someone who had hurt, mistreated, or offended them. Blood pressure, heart rate, facial muscle tension and sweat gland activity were all monitored. Sure enough, the stress caused by these memories was reflected in changes in the measurements. The energy had been stored away in the memories and in the body.

I would like to help. My goal is to share ways to make this all easier. Here are two offering:

Energy of Forgiveness on January 8 from 9-12 EST answers the question: “how does a person get to a place where these situations do not cause pain”.

In this workshop, I will share ways to release the energy and bring in forgiveness that will heal on all levels. You will learn how to recognize and set up your own self-care practice to scrub away the wounds and fill the clean space with unconditional self-love and healing energy.

Foundations workshop on January from 21 9-4 EST. This free workshop seeks to help the student understand energy and start build their own energetic toolkit to navigate life. In the morning, we’ll provide guidance on starting a meditation practice. We’ll then introduce you to an energy clearing technique. We all have energetic “lint” in our field. Energy clearing will help you effectively release it.

In the afternoon, you’ll spend time dowsing to gain confidence that you are on the right track and to build trust in your intuition. Lastly, we’ll instruct you in grounding practices that will help you get your energy back into your body.

If you have ever been curious about energy, this is an awesome introductory class.

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