Finish 2022 Smarter

Teaching Class

I’m already thinking about the lineup of classes for 2023!

I know, I know, let’s finish 2022 first.
Here are the three classes left for the year.
Part 1: Meditating – I will introduce you to a healthy boundary meditation that can be done every day. It will strengthen your awareness of your energy field.
Part 2: Energy Clearing – This will strengthen your energy field’s ability to ‘clear’ or detox energetic debris.
Part 3: Dowsing – Dowsing confirms your intuition and gives clarity when you need to discern between your ego and your guidance.
Part 4: Grounding – We will practice multiple grounding techniques. You will then dowse for your best personalized grounding strategies.
Oct 14th: Definition – We will start this four-part class by sharing the classic as well as our working definition of karma. These definitions give us a common language to use throughout the class.
Oct 24th: Recognition – A big concept in this section is that of the ‘karmic account’. Pattern recognition is facilitated through an understanding of the five aspects of a karmic account.
Oct 31st: Reconciliation – This is where the healing starts. Once you have developed an awareness of your patterns, there are techniques you can use to release karmic energy.
Nov 7th: Response –In this final section, you will learn to identify your personal karmic self-care tools.
Advanced Reiki Training will increase the strength of your Reiki with the introduction of the Usui Master symbol on your first day in class. You will learn how to make a Reiki grid using crystals.
Reiki Master instruction will begin with a meditation for your preparation to step into the vibration of a Reiki Master.
The Reiki Master class includes multiple meditations where you will receive your own guidance on following your path as a Reiki Master.
This class is a powerful healing and learning experience!
If you are interested in attending these classes……follow the links.
If you have requests for specific classes and topics for 2023, I would love to hear from you!